Top 5 News For October 2015

Year 2015 has not yet come to an end but a lot of things have already happened for those 10 months. Top news for 2015 included a lot of topics within the categories of world news, business and world economics, war conflicts, and science and technology news.

Here are the top 5 news for October 2015.

  1.    Justin Trudeau of Liberal Party Won Canada Election

During Canada’s parliamentary elections, Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party pulled off an upset against fellow candidate Prime Minister Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party. Harper got only 31.9% votes or 99 seats, while Trudeau took 39.5% votes or 184 seats from the total of 338 seats. Election experts believed that Trudeau won because people grew tired of Prime Minister Harper’s rough conservative focus during his 9-year reign. Justin Trudeau is now Canada’s second youngest prime minister and the first ever president to follow a parent in winning the position. Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s father, also won as prime minister of Canada 47 years ago.

  1.    Bombings Kill Dozens of People in Turkey

On October 10, one of the top news featured in numerous online sites is the attack in Turkey’s capital during a peace rally. According to reports, there were 2 separate explosions that occurred during a peace rally in a main train station in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Deaths almost reached 100 while hundreds of people were injured in the bombings. The two explosions were located just within 50 meters apart and the explosions simultaneously happened based on witness testimonials, almost just few seconds apart. Although no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, authorities believe that the bombings were conducted by suicide bombers. Turkey is the country that has accepted more refugees from Syria compared to other countries, and has also regained wars against Kurdish rebels causing hundreds of deaths for the past months. Recent reports said that one of the suicide bombers is now close to being identified.

  1.    Dozens Killed in a Mudslide in Guatemala

Another top news for the month of October is the mudslide in Guatemala which killed dozens of people and caused hundreds of homes to be buried underneath the mud. Some news feed reported that death toll is still expected to go higher with more than 300 people still missing from the mudslide. Currently, there are a total of 131 reported deaths and 125 homes that were gone and buried in the mud. The mudslide was triggered after 2 weeks of nonstop heavy rain causing the hillside to loosen and collapse. The mudslide is one of the country’s worst disasters in years.

  1.    Airstrike Hits Hospital in Afghanistan

On October 3, news broke out about a US Airstrike hitting a hospital in Afghanistan, killing 22 people. The hospital was run by the Doctors Without Borders located in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The airstrike killed 12 hospital staffs and 7 patients. After the incident, US military released a statement confirming that an airstrike was conducted but was targeting Taliban militants in Kunduz but claiming that the airstrike may have collateral damage in a nearby hospital. The United Nations condemned the i
ncident and ordered an investigation. With the damaged hospital, the Doctors Without Borders announced that they are leaving Kunduz which is a city very much in need of medical help.

  1.    Democrat Presidential Candidates for 2016 Held its First Debate

On October 13, the Democratic presidential candidates for 2016 held its first debate in Las Vegas. Among the candidates who participated in the debate were Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, former Senator Lincoln Chafee, former Virginia Senator Jim Webb, and Martin O’Malley former governor of Maryland. The debate turned to be a fun and drama-free event since most of the candidates agreed in various issues tackled in the debate.